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Court keeps Srinivasan out of BCCI

MUMBAI: Indian Supreme Court has turned down N Srinivasan's reinstatement request, and has revealed that he is one of the 13 named in the sealed envelope submitted to it by the Justice Mudgal committee, ARY News has learnt.

In response to the BCCI counsel CA Sundaram's argument that the court was responding only to prima facie evidence and not secondary evidence, Justice AK Patnaik for the first time revealed details about the sealed envelope.

He said that there were 13 names in the sealed envelope, Srinivasan's name was the 13th, and he had 12 allegations against him, with annexures to each of them. "It seems that Mr Srinivasan has not taken the allegations seriously," he said.

"We are not considering the Special Investigation Team (SIT) because we don't want the CBI or the police or the media to throw mud on cricketers," Patnaik said.

"Reputations of cricketers and great names are at stake. What happens to the reputation of the players who are representing the country and Indian cricketers of the future. Cricket has to be clean but institutional autonomy has to be maintained."



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