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Court orders production of Musharraf tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: Special Court, hearing high treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf, has summoned him tomorrow, ARY News reported on Thursday. 

Three-judges bench headed by Justice Faisal Arab, adjourned the case and observed that the court's order summoning Musharraf on March 14 (tomorrow) stood intact. 

Anwar Mansoor, Pervez Musharraf’s counsel, said he was unwell and there was no chance of his recovery by tomorrow. 

Justice Faisal Arab responded that the court could not force anyone to give arguments in a case. He said the court could not stop case proceedings even if he did not present his arguments in the case for a month or two.

Rana Ijaz, a counsel of Musharraf, was disallowed entry in the courtroom today, due to his uncalled for behaviour.



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