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Court reserves verdict in contempt case against police

Farooq H. Naik, the counsel of I.G. Sindh Ghulam Haider Jamali, argued in the court that the police action was out of the limits of court premises and all legal requirements were taken into consideration.

Police counsel submitted the copies of the relevant laws of other countries to the court. He said the arrested persons were wanted to police in heinous cases.

He argued that the action against media-persons was not the contempt of the court.

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah said that the incident took place within the symbol of justice and even the policemen on the court security were not taken into confidence over the matter. The Rangers personnel present at the scene also unaware about the identity of the plain clothed men.

Barrister Salahuddin, the counsel of media-persons argued that the police operation was an act of contempt.

Advocate General Sindh in his remarks advocated for imposition of minor fine over the accused policemen.

Justice Sajjad Shah remarked that the court will order Rs. 10 fine but all the diffidents involved in the incident have to quit their jobs.

The bench after hearing the arguments reserved the judgment, which will likely to be announced in the next hearing of the case.



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