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Court threatens to ban Farooq Sattar from media

The court was hearing the case of provocative and threatening speeches against law enforcement agencies. It had charged several members of the MQM including Farooq Sattar and issued non-bailable warrants ordering their immediate arrest.

MQM leader Rauf Siddiqui appeared before the court and was asked about the absence of other members of his party. He replied that he was unaware and that they would make their own decision.

The court was furious when it was informed that Farooq Sattar was not present and threatened that he would be banned from the media if he fails to appear before it.

It said that PEMRA can be instructed to ban him from making media appearances, but then it would be said that the court had committed injustice against them.

The court criticized the investigative officer for his failure to make the arrests. Also, it extended the bail duration of Khawaja Izhar, Waseem Aktar, Qamar Mansoor and Rauf Siddiqui.

The MQM chief Altaf Hussain still faces a media ban for making provocative against the law enforcement agencies.




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