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Covid-19 advisory: CAA updates its international travel categories

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has extended its travel advisory for passengers arriving from foreign countries till March 14, ARY News reported.

The standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been issued by the Director Air Transport department of CAA.

The CAA has updated its category C for international travel and added two more countries to the list. South Africa, UK, Portugal, Ireland, Netherland, Botswana, Zambia and Brazil were the new countries included in category C.

China, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Australia are among the A-category countries according to CAA. The travelers from these 24 countries (A category) will not have to present their Covid reports for boarding or landing in Pakistan.

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However, those coming from countries in the B travel category will have to make sure a negative Covid PCR report at a maximum of 90 hours prior to boarding.

The rest of Covid SOPs will remain the same and their implementation will be mandatory, CAA said today.

The new travel restrictions will remain in effect until March 14.



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