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Dozens contract COVID-19 after using same cigarette lighter   

Despite observing social distancing, dozens of people have contracted COVID-19 after using the same cigarette lighter at a hotel in Sydney, Australia.  

According to the foreign media reports, although Australia has overcome the novel coronavirus pandemic to a large extent but new COVID-19 cases have surfaced in its Victoria state on Sunday.

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews blamed a cigarette lighter for the new wave of COVID-19 cases in the state. He said that the virus spread from the people “keeping their distance but ultimately sharing a lighter, one between the other”.

The premier said, “Not a wilful breach of anything but one of those things where an apparently innocent thing can lead to transmitting the virus.”

He maintained that under the new health protocol, international passengers will have to take a mandatory coronavirus test before being allowed into the state.

It is pertinent to mention here that Victoria recorded over 49 cases of coronavirus in just a single day.



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