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COVID-19 vaccine is allowed under the Sharia law: Tahir Ashrafi

ISLAMABAD: The religious scholars have consensus over getting coronavirus vaccine, Prime Minister’s Special Aide on Religious Harmony Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi said on Monday.

Getting COVID-19 vaccine shot is allowed under the religious law and it is a responsibility according to Sharia teachings, Ashrafi said while talking to media.

“There is nothing wrong with the Covid-19 vaccine as all renowned religious scholars have decreed that each and every person should get him or herself vaccinated against the coronavirus,” the PM’s aide further said.

He also said that even a fasting person could get the vaccine shot.

Philanthropists should also purchase the vaccine to get their employees and other entitled persons vaccinated, he said.

Hafiz Ashrafi said that rumours are being spread about closure of the mosques. The mosques were not closed even in the worst situation of coronavirus pandemic in the country, he said.

“There was no proposal under consideration for closure of the mosques in Ramazan”, he said. “The mosques will not be closed,” he categorically stated.



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