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COVID-19 vaccine-laden truck found abandoned in India 

NARSINGHPUR: In a shocking incident, a COVID-19 vaccine-laden truck found abandoned under mysterious circumstances in India’s Madhya Pradesh.

According to the details, a truck carrying 2.4 lakh doses of Covaxin was left abandoned in Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Police said that the truck carrying vaccines worth over Rs166 million was left parked for nearly 12 hours after its driver and conductor went missing. The officials said that the vehicle was transporting the vaccine from Hyderabad to Karnal in Haryana.

Narsinghpur superintendent of police said, “We contacted the transport company TCI of Gurgaon and informed them about the driverless truck. The company also got worried when they couldn’t contact the driver after finding out the GPS system that the vehicle remained stationary at Kareli.”

Local media reported that the company then arranged for another driver and the truck set off for Karnal at 8 pm. It said that the driver Vikas Mishra is still missing.

“We tracked down his phone at a place 16 km from the spot. As the engine of the vehicle was on, its refrigerator with vaccine doses was functioning. So, I feel that vaccines were safe,” he added.



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