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CPJ seeks immediate release of Faizullah Khan

In a statement issued on Tuesday, CPJ Asia Program’s coordinator, Bob Dietz said that sentencing a journalist for going somewhere to report on an issue, is an extremely harsh step by the Afgahn Government.

He demanded the Afghan authorities to release Faizullah Khan at the earliest.

Here it is mandatory to note that an Afghan court sentenced Faizullah Khan for four years of jail term, for mistakenly crossing the Pak-Afghan border while reporting from the north western tribal region of Pakistan.

Afghan authorities had also levied spying charges on him, which the court rejected.

Journalists from within Pakistan and across the world have expressed their serious concerns and demanded the Afghan Government to release the journalist.

Faizullah Khan is a committed journalist, associated with ARY News, who had gone to the north western tribal belt of Pakistan, in pursuance of his professional responsibilities in April this year.



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