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Crackdown on fake Zamzam water launched in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: Saudi authorities on Tuesday launched a crackdown on illegal refilling plants and stores for preparing thousands of bottles of adulterated Zamzam water.

The demand for the precious water increases in the holy month of Ramadan as citizens and residents prefer Zamzam water in iftar (the evening meal to break the fast).

Pilgrims also buy large quantities of Zamzam water to take home.

In an attempt to stop the black market for Zamzam water, the Saudi government has given permission to only authorized stores to sell this precious water. But many unauthorized shops have been found selling Zamzam water mixed with normal water.

Recently the authorities in Madinah seized more than 3,000 bottles of adulterated Zamzam water with the stickers of the King Abdullah Zamzam Water Project from a car park in a residential neighborhood.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment announced the closure of a factory in Buraidah for refilling Zamzam water bottles with normal water. They found 6,500 bottles of adulterated Zamzam water.

The ministry also found a warehouse in Makkah for storing Zamzam water and selling it to shops. Some 200,000 bottles were destroyed by the ministry and the warehouse was sealed. Besides, the ministry found 1,600 bottles of fake Zamzam water.

Below are the pictures of fake Zam Zam factory busted in Makkah some time ago













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