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WATCH: Restless driver cuts across three lanes on highway but regrets it

In a wild moment captured by a dashcam in Australia an indicating driver veers off three lanes of traffic into the far right one but is clipped by an oncoming car which sends it hurtling into another on its left.

The video captures the entire scene from moments before a car cutting across multiple lanes of the road before being bumped into by a silver carriage.

Footage by dashcam installed in the car behind shows a black Volkswagen crossing three lanes in one Australian road.

The Volkswagen veered into the far right lane while indicating before a silver vehicle sped down the road and crashed into the unsuspecting driver.

The car spun and smashed into a small white car in the middle lane.

Luckily seconds after the multi-lane crash, an ambulance coincidentally drove down the far right lane, pulling up next to the smashed-up Volkswagen.

The footage has shocked viewers with many quick to condemn the drivers, with some saying the Volkswagen was in the wrong.

‘It is seriously time to start taking licenses away from some of these clowns’, one wrote.

‘It took two drivers to cause this crash or at least one to do nothing to avoid it,’ one wrote.

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‘The first one just jumped into the clear lane assuming it would stay clear. The other continued too fast past a line of stopped cars assuming no one would jump into it.

‘It’s a classic scenario that happens all the time yet no one seems to be able to foresee when the next one is going to happen.’

But a majority of the comments joked about the ‘impeccable timing’ of the ambulance at the scene.

‘Ambulance response time in Melbourne is amazing’, one wrote.



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