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WATCH: Creepy dolls found nailed to trees in forest

In a horrific incident, several creepy baby dolls found nailed to trees in a forest under mysterious circumstances in England’s Staffordshire.     

According to the details, a woman,64, was left terrified after coming across a collection of creepy dolls nailed to trees when she was on a lockdown stroll in the forest.

They all appear to either be wearing the same khaki bodysuit or nothing at all. To make it even more scary, some of the dolls have disturbing facial expressions.

Talking to Birmingham Live, the woman explained how she was on a stroll through the woods at Cannock Chase when she found the eerie dolls in a clearing.

“I’ve had to shield for all of the lockdown, but when I was on my walks I looked a bit further and as I dug through the undergrowth I saw these dolls. They were in some sort of order.”

Experts said that the site was home of a military hospital during the first world war.



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