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Criminal’s mugshot troubles Welsh police by flood of comments

One Welsh police faced an unexpected trouble after hit by flood of funny comments from internet users when the post was published with mugshot of a criminal on their social media account.

The Gwent police shared a mugshot of a man they wanted to speak to about a drugs-related incident which was stormed with follicly-related puns and jokes following the criminal’s unique hairstyle.

There were more than 84,000 comments and 14,000 shares on the post before Gwent Police deleted it, New Zealand Herald reported.

The post was later deleted but the police admitted they were amused by a lot of the good-humoured ribbing but some comments took things too far.

Examples of the sort of thing being said were:

“He walked out of the complex at precisely 7.30pm, and his hairline at 7.45pm,” one person commented.

Another joked: “He was last seen in town; Police are combing the area.”

A third couldn’t resist making a silly comment, adding: “Push his release date back further than his hairline, that should teach him.”

There were jokes about his hairline being ‘on the run’ and one person wondered if Gwent police should take their search to Edinburgh because the annual Fringe Festival was on, Mirror.co.uk reported.

However, while the police force admitted they were amused by a lot of the good-humoured ribbing, some comments took things too far, and the post got deleted.



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