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Fuel shortage across country as oil transporters go on strike

KARACHI: Commuters across the country are facing serious issues after shortage of petroleum products as All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association continued their strike for the second day on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

Most of the petrol pumps have shut down and others many are soon going to follow suit as their stock of petrol drains out with large number of people waiting in queues to get tanks of their vehicles filled.

Citizens are annoyed and troubled of the situation and demand end to the crisis.

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The oil tankers owners launched a strike after Motorway Police started implementation of the law introduced by Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for failing to meet the fitness standard and other standard operating procedure for tankers in the aftermath of Bahawalpur tragedy.

The authorities of Pakistan State Oil claimed that petrol supply to all the filling station was continued and they still had stock for many days. On the other hand, drivers of PSO oil tankers said other drivers pelt stones on their tankers if they try to move it in the city.

The people who ran out of petrol are forced to park their vehicles on the way to their destination.

The Oil Tankers Association  refused to negotiate with the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) earlier in the day saying that the talks were being held in a conducive environment as the OGRA chairman intervened and refused to even listen to their point of view, and was therefore responsible for the suspension of oil supplies.

They also alleged that drivers were been harassed and intimidated across the country, and their vehicles were being fined unnecessarily by the motorway authorities.



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