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WATCH: Crocodile weighing 350 kg caught at popular tourist spot

Wildlife rangers have caught a 4.4-metre, 350-kilogram saltwater crocodile in an area frequented by tourists.

The male saltwater crocodile was caught within the Flora River Nature Park, 120 kilometres south of Katherine within the Northern Territory, on Friday.

Katherine senior wildlife ranger John Burke said the seized crocodile is the biggest to be caught in the Flora River in at least five years.

“They’re moving into the breeding season as well, and the rivers are low and they’re out looking for mates, particularly the big males,” he told foreign media outlet.

It can be seen in the pictures and video that crocodile is tied down, blindfolded and blanketed on an extended car trailer.

The crocodile has been taken to a crocodile farm and will be used as breeding stock, according to Mr Burke.

It may be noted that Katherine wildlife rangers removed 23 crocodiles from the Katherine River management zone three years ago.



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