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CTD arrests ‘key facilitator’ of Safoora bus carnage

A major breakthrough occurred in the investigations of gruesome Safoora bus carnage that claimed killed 46 people, including women and children belonging to Ismaili community after gunmen ambushed a bus in Safoora Goth on May 13, earlier this year.

The suspected facilitator named Adil Masood Butt, chief executive at a private university, reportedly made some shocking revelations during interrogation.

In-charge CTD Umar Khattab said the suspect is high qualified and graduated in Business Administration from a foreign university in 1992.

“The gang also includes nearly 20 women, who brainwash other women,” Khattab said, adding that efforts are being made for their arrest.

He said the suspects had networks in educational institutes and that the CTD has so far arrested eight culprits involved in the tragic Safoora incident.



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