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CTD conducts operation in Sheikhupura, kill 8 alleged terrorists

According to details, the CTD conducted a raid inside the limits of the city’s Police Station Bhikhi area and were involved in an encounter with alleged terrorists. A gun battle ensued between both sides in which CTD managed to kill eight alleged terrorists. Four militants managed to escape whereas weapons, explosives and motorcycles were seized from the killed suspects.

Sources revealed that the terrorists were planning a major attack which was thwarted by the CTD’s efficient operation against the militants.

Pakistan has witnessed terrorist attacks in 2016, most notably the March 27 attack in Lahore. More than eighty people were killed and as many as three hundred were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a park. The attack drew condemnations from around the world as many women and children were also a victim of the nefarious terrorist attack.



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