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Court rejects Ayyan Ali’s bail plea

Ayyan Ali’s lawyer Latif Khosa  said he would approach the high court to seek bail of Ms Ali.

Earlier during the hearing, Khosa informed the court that the supermodel had not obtained a boarding card in order to travel overseas. He said that currency smuggling charges were applicable only after an amount had been recovered after an individual had obtained boarding pass.

Khosa also revealed that anyone can spend Rs.1,000 and stay inside the VIP lounge of the Benazir International Airport. Latif Khosa also said that Ayyan was waiting at the VIP lounge for her brother, to whom she would have handed the money, which were proceeds from her property sale.

Ayyan Ali had been arrested in March of this year, when more than $500,000 were recovered from her bag, at Benazir International Airport. Since then, custom authorities have stated that the case does not pertain to currency smuggling but money laundering and that an organized group was backing Ayyan Ali.



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