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Reham Khan addresses Pakistani students at Oxford University

She also said that the current system of the country only favoured the elite. She was addressing the Pakistani Students Society in Oxford University, at the invitation of students from Pakistan.

She also said during her address that Pakistani youngsters were extremely talented and that they were the guarantee that a bright future lay ahead for Pakistan. Reham Khan further said that there was a need for revolutionary changes in Pakistan’s social and political fields and that the current system in Pakistan was favouring the elite.

Reham further said that in order to reap the benefits of democracy, the youth would have to play a central role. She was also of the view that Pakistan’s young and educated youth should practically try to help promote education in remote areas of Pakistan.

The ex-wife of PTI chairman Imran Khan has been in the news recently for her revelations regarding her divorce. She had written an article in a UK newspaper recently, blaming herself and Imran for their divorce. A couple of days ago, Reham had also tweeted a taunt which was supposedly directed at Imran Khan.

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