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Who is behind mysterious incidents of cutting women’s hair in India?

NEW DELHI: The mysterious incidents of cutting women’s hair have recently surfaced in India.

Police have failed to decipher this enigma which has become a nightmare for women in different areas of the country including New Delhi, Utter Pradesh, some districts of Rajasthan and other areas.

Some unidentified persons have reportedly attacked and cut women’s hair while they were walking on streets or the culprits broke into their houses to commit this crime.

The victims said women were also involved in this crime. While there are also claims of supernaturalbeings who cut the hairs.

The rising incidents have frightened people while police is unable to arrest those behind all this.

Police in Lucknow said many women “come to the police station with their braids telling stories about how someone has cut off their hair.”

Munni Devi, resident of Agra, said she went to sleep as usual and when she woke up she found her hair chopped off and her braid placed near her pillow. She said neither she nor her spouse heard anything at night.



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