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‘Cybercrime Bill’ to deal with Peshawar man for blackmailing women

According to ARY News, Mehran – a resident of Sufaid Dheri area in Peshawar – was arrested after being held بلاچکaccountable for uploading private and personal videos of women on Facebook through his fake account.

Mehran has a history of uploading videos of women and then blackmailing them, confirmed police.

Police officials investigating the case said several other cases of varying charges were also reported against the accused in Nowshera and Risalpur.

A trial against Mehran would be conducted on the basis of a recently passed controversial ‘Cybercrime Bill’ that the government claims would ensure tough penalties against online crimes, blackmailing and harassment.

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However, critics believed that the bill would stifle free expression in the country.

The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016 has been the focus of heated debate over provisions that critics say give the government the power to conduct mass surveillance and criminalise satire.



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