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WATCH: Amateur cyclist crashes into cactus bush

In a shocking incident, an amateur cyclist crashed into a bed of cacti during a race in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The incident took place during a cycle race held in the City Park area of Buenos Aires. During the race, Diego Moreno landed into a bed of cacti after hitting a pothole on the track.


He emerged from the bush with cactus thorns stuck all over his body. In a video, locals can be seen pulling thorns from Moreno hands as he stood covered head-to-toe in spikes and missing a cleat, Mail Online reported.

Those assisting the cyclist removed thousands of thorns from his body, but Moreno was admitted to hospital to see the remaining spines removed.

Moreno told local press, ‘We were going with three more cyclists, I was last in line.”

“I did not see a small crater in the asphalt and I hit the pothole.”

He said, “Thank God I was wearing glasses and a helmet and I did not injure my face or head. Because the way the spines got embedded in me, it could have blinded me.”



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