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Dadra: Zeb and Haniya’s release soulful ode for Lahore blast victims

The song features a mild, soft and ‘haunting’ tone that takes the viewer back to the glorious past, present and future of Lahore. The video, shot in the city’s busy areas and featuring some of the hallmarks of the ‘old city’, is an apt tribute for the victims of Sunday’s deadly blast.

Throughout the music video, Zeb sings the lyrics:-

“The sun will rise. And tomorrow there will be light. And this world quiet and sleeping, will surely come alight.”

In their Facebook post, Zeb and Haniya described the song as ‘a song conceived as a lullaby to the nation and a video as an exploration of Lahore’s past, present and future. This is for both Lahore and Pakistan, for resilience amidst the darkest of times.’

More than seventy people had died in the bomb blast that took place at Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal park on Sunday. Christians who had gone to the park in order to celebrate Easter holiday with their families had also been killed in the attack. More than three hundred had been injured in the attack.

British singer Adele also paid tribute to the victims of Lahore’s blast during a live concert in Birmingham.



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