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Daniel Radcliffe’s bizarre looks wearing bear slippers goes viral

Daniel Radcliffe may be remembered as the adorable bespectacled boy from the ‘Harry Potter’ series but a recent photo that is going viral is a far-cry from.

The actor was recently photographed wearing boxers, a bathrobe, bear slippers and holding two guns while clenching teeth.

Earlier this week, a few British outlets published photos of Daniel Radcliffe filming a scene for his upcoming action comedy “Guns Akimbo.”

One of these images features the former ‘Harry Potter’ star looking pretty unhinged as he totes two guns in a robe and crazy tiger-foot slippers.

The pictures are all over social media and people cannot stop captioning them or simply commenting on them.

While one wrote, “Daniel Radcliffe is all of us when we hear the revolution is starting,” another wrote, “Theory: Daniel Radcliffe keeps having very embarrassing public breakdowns and then has to make movies so they look like part of the filming process.”

“I was honestly so relieved that these pictures of Daniel Radcliffe were from a movie set. I was concerned for a minute”, “You maybe cool, but you’ll never be Daniel Radcliffe brandishing handguns in a bathrobe and giant slippers cool”, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Bullets”, were a few other tweets.

Here’s how some of the Twitter users reacted:



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