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Dar says govt 'ready' to form judicial commission

The government is ready to form commission only if the word “by design or “conspiracy” is added to scope of inquiry of the Commission, he told a press conference in Islamabad here.

He urged all political parties including Pakistan Teheerk-e-Insaf to play their positive role in strengthening the national economy.

Dar also urged Mrs. Imran [Reham Khan] to convince her husband to agree him towards successful negotiations with the government. ‘If Bhabi prefers, all contentions with Imran could be settled within half an hour, he added.

Meanwhile, the minister said that National Tax Number will not be mandatory for the tax payers from the next fiscal year.

He said the individuals, who do not have CNIC due to not attaining the prescribed age will continue to use NTN numbers to file tax returns.



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