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Date by date, the US election year ahead

Here are key dates in the year to come, from primary debates and state-wide caucus votes to national conventions and the big day on November 8, 2016:


November 10: Republican primary debate, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

November 14: Democratic debate, Des Moines, Iowa

November 20: Filing deadline to get on primary ballot in New Hampshire

December 15: Republican debate, Las Vegas, Nevada

December 19: Democratic debate, Manchester, New Hampshire


January: Republican debate, Iowa (date to be decided)

January 17: Democratic debate, Charleston, South Carolina

January 31: Federal Election Commission reporting deadline for campaign year-end 2015 financial and fundraising figures

February 1: Iowa caucuses

February 6: Republican debate, Manchester, New Hampshire

February 9: New Hampshire primaries

February 11: Democratic debate, Wisconsin

February 13: Republican debate, South Carolina

February 20: Nevada Democratic caucus

February 20: South Carolina Republican primary

February 23: Nevada Republican caucus

February 26: Republican debate, Houston, Texas

February 27: South Carolina Democratic primary

March 1: “Super Tuesday” with 13 states voting in primaries including Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Virginia

March 9: Democratic debate, Miami, Florida

March 10: Republican debate, Florida

March 15: Four major states vote in primaries — Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina

April 26: Five northeastern states including Pennsylvania vote in primaries

June 7: Six states including California vote in primaries or caucuses

June 14: Final day of the primaries

July 18-21: Republican National Convention, Cleveland, Ohio

July 25-28: Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 26: First presidential debate, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

October 4: Vice presidential debate, Longwood University, Farmville, Virginia

October 9: Second presidential debate, Washington University in St Louis, Missouri

October 19: Third and final presidential debate, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

November 8: Election day


January 20: Presidential inauguration





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