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Daughter of assistant commissioner caught while cheating

A vigilance team reached a school located in Malir for inspection and caught three female students while using unfair means to attempt the paper. One of the girls turned out to be the daughter of assistant commissioner Malir.

Not only the girl was caught red-handed, but the assistant commissioner’s presence there also came as icing on the cake.

Nazim Examinations Imran Chishti declared the female students ineligible for appearing in the examination for three years. He also sought a report of the examination center.

Deputy Speaker of the Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza also warned that the students involved in cheating will have to face serious consequences in future.

On the other hand, examination copies were seen taken out of centers and the students provided with blank copies just for show off. Another vigilance team recovered cheating material and mobile phones from students in Nawabshah.

Moreover, 140 fake candidates were thrown out of the examination center in Larkana.



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