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Dead body of two-faced kitten baffles scientists as it looks to be alive

A farmer was left shocked when his cat gave birth to a kitten with two faces side-by-side on its head. The kitten could not survive longer and kicked the bucket shortly after its birth.


The farmer put it in a cardboard and offered it to a school at Amalfi town in Colombia to be used by students for experimental purposes, Mirror reported.

The teachers rejected to accept body of the creature because they knew not what to do with it and handed it over to the government for tests.

Science teacher Adriana Mesa Gil said, “I was very curious about it. I looked properly at the kitten and even I believed it was cute, as it seemed to be still alive.

“I have never seen in my entire life a kitten with two heads. Finally we decided not to keep the body because we do not have the proper equipment to keep it in.”

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The mutant two-faced kitten dumbfounded scientists as it ostensibly looks to be alive. Scientists have now preserved the body in formaldehyde to probe later about what caused the mutation.

The kitten was also taken to the agriculture department, however, the vets said they had never witnessed such case.

Andres Garcia Carbajal, vet of the city council, said the deformity could have been caused by a number of factors.

“The malformation might be caused by natural factors, or even linked with the food eaten by the mother. It is actually a bizarre case,” he added.



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