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‘Dead body’ wakes up in morgue in weird prank

Women ran screaming from the room as the man they had been told was deceased, sat up and groaned.

The horrifying ‘zombie’ moment was part of a cruel joke by ‘Magician Prankster’ and youtuber Rahat Hossain.

Others stood frozen to the spot in fear and one woman even grabbed a knife – but all was not as it seemed.


Pranksters had lured the unsuspecting victims to the ‘morgue’ under the pretence of job interviews for a receptionist or medical assistant.

While showing the applicants the room and the ‘dead body’ on the table, the pranskter is dressed as a doctor and tells the various applicants he works at the morgue.


After mentioning the experiments, Rahat leaves the room saying he has to answer a phone call.

Then begins a drama when the ‘zombie’ wakes from the dead, leaving visitors into sheer panic and couple of women were left in shock to the core.




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