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‘Dead by Daylight’ coming soon to Xbox One

Behaviour Interactive has announced to soon launch ‘Dead by Daylight’ to Xbox One.

Behaviour Interactive is a Canadian video game development studio. It has been making games for 25 years with the help of gamers and developers.

Game Director Behaviour Digital Mathieu Cote revealing what led them to make Dead by Daylight said, “Through all of our games, we kept coming back to the idea of playing as the bad guy. Maybe a slasher movie? Maybe a haunting presence trying to make people insane? We made many prototypes, from board games to complex playable prototypes.

“At the time, nearly 10 years ago, publishers were telling us that horror games were not something people wanted to play. So we tried a version of that idea built around humour, not fear. That’s how Naughty Bear came to be.”

Mathieu Cote said all of those were very fun but left them unsatisfied, so they kept working on that horror idea. They kept working on playable prototypes because they felt that it needed to nail down a fun game core before moving on, he added.

“Part of that core was hide and seek. We had to create a multiplayer experience by holding a piece of cardboard in front of a monitor so that two players could play the game without seeing each other’s screen. But from the first time we started playing a super simple, completely unbalanced game of hide and seek, we knew we had found our hook,” he said.

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Then he told how they started work on Dead by Daylight and how efforts turned out a success.

“From that moment, we never let go of this core idea: a weak and vulnerable character running away from an unstoppable murder beast. Everything else we built around it had to enhance and improve this fundamental core gameplay,” he said.

The game director Behaviour Digital said, “At E3 2016, we launched Dead by Daylight on PC with a team of about 40 people at the time, everyone holding their breath, hoping for a good reception — we were blown away by how enthusiastic the community was.”

After releasing it on PC they introduced new features to the game to be launched on console games.

“The team grew, we released four new chapters filled with new killers, survivors, and maps. We created a couple of cosmetic packs so players can be murdered in style. We were thrilled to be able to add some very famous faces to our game too: we invited the original slasher, Michael Myers to join the realm last Halloween, along with the most iconic last girl survivor, Laurie Strode,” he said.

Mathieu Cote said creating the console version of Dead by Daylight gave them an opportunity complete large overhaul of our core game systems, like UI and matchmaking, and it was amazing to be able to do that on their game after so many players had spent time in it.

“We have a greater understanding of the way people play. And now a whole new group of passionate fans are coming to join the community and we can’t wait to hear what they have to say.”

A few words of advice for the new players out there:

As a survivor, you will be fine if you don’t panic, stay focused, and stick to the plan

First, get your bearings, figure out the environment. Then, fix generators, quietly and cautiously

If you hear the heartbeat, hide

When the generators are fixed, get to the exit and leave. Or, if you feel bold, go back to save the others who weren’t so lucky

As a killer, stay on target and do not let the survivors trick you. Once you find one, stay one step ahead, figure out where they will run to and cut them off. Then, if you can, carry them to your basement

Patrol your generators patiently, they’ll make a mistake eventually and make sure they’re punished accordingly



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