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‘Death sentences over corruption may cut country’s population by half’

ISLAMABAD: Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal has said that death sentences over corruption may cut country’s population by half, ARY News reported on Sunday.

“NAB does not do legislation to punishment the corrupt elements, it is prerogative of the Parliament,” Chairman NAB said while addressing a ceremony at the Presidency on occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day.

He said, every step of bureau is aimed for the betterment of Pakistan, “NAB will continue its work according to the law of the land despite hue and cry, he continued.

The accountability watch-dog chairman added, “I have been successful in making people in power realise that those involved in corruption will have to give an answer.

He questioned what’s wrong in asking from those people about their means of income who, owned 70cc motorbikes in past and today own huge towers in Dubai

He continued, “When I asked someone I found out that instead of spending Rs500,000, Rs5 million were spent and in place of Rs5 million, Rs500 million were spent. This is the poor nation’s money.” what is wrong in asking about it?” Justice (retd) Iqbal continued.

Turning towards the bureaucrats, Iqbal said, “The bureaucrats’ loyalty should be with the government. Every bureaucrat should go along with the government’s orders which are according to the law,” adding that propaganda was done against NAB.

“Time is moving forward, we are living in the present and we should make sure our future is better,” he added.

International anti-Corruption Day is being observed across the world including Pakistan today.

The United Nations had announced to observe International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9, 2018 to impart awareness to masses about its adverse effects and to minimize the problems caused by it.



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