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#DeathPenaltyForChildAbuse trends on Twitter

Pakistan’s largest ever child abuse scandal comes to light in Punjab town of Kasur when more than 400 videos featuring 280 children forced to have sex, have been discovered in the Punjab city.

The users of the social media website in Pakistan have demanded that the criminals should be handed death sentence for the crime.

Gumshuda tweeted that the child’s whole life is ruined while the parents hide the crime while Daniyal stated that the incident is a failure of the whole system.

Maryam S. Abbasi stated that the overall values system should be strengthened so such cases are not reported again. 

Kamran said that a legislation to hang the criminals should be included in the country’s constitution while Hammad stated that even Islam is strict regarding the crime.  

Sharmeen Kashif and Arsalan Pakistani urged the Pakistanis to raise their voice against child abuse in the country. 

Attia tweeted that staying silent against the crime is an even bigger crime and such evils must be stopped.



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