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Will Deepika do another Padmaavat like film?

Basking in the success of her recently released film “Padmaavat”, Bollywood star Deepika Padukone on Wednesday said that she would certainly work in a similar film in future if given the opportunity.

In her first post-Padmaavat interview with India Today, Deepika was asked if she would be ever sign for another such film, biopic or one based on a historical character.

“I will most definitely do it, absolutely,” she said when asked if she would for a Padmaavat sequel if asked by Sanjay Leela Bhansali or anyone else.

When asked the reason for the risk despite everything the film has gone through and why she would jump from one landmine to another, she said:

“Because I think it is important to be able to make, create and express (yourself).”

The film which opened to cinemas in India since January 25 has already seen business worth 150 crores rupees despite being banned in four Indian states.

However, Deepika said that the film should not be compared with other films. “I don’t think it should be success in comparison to anything. I think this film has found its success in so many ways.”

The film has received rave reviews and is banned in Malaysia but has been successful and is being appreciated in Pakistan.

When asked about the ‘weaponisation of culture’ in which any fringe group can take offense and hold the filmmaker or artist hostage, Deepika said:

“I feel strongly about this, but I don’t think this is the time for me to take away the glory the film has seen.”

Deepika also responded candidly to the threats received before the film’s release. One of these was the bounty placed on her nose replying, “You can take my feet. I like my nose.”



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