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Deepika Padukone does a Salman Khan, helps injured bodyguard

Recently, Dippy’s bodyguard got injured and that though off duty. But that didn’t stop the leggy lass from helping him.

Salman Khan’s generosity is now legendary in the industry. And his charitable trust, Being Human, is the proof of it. From giving lavish gifts to his friends and fans to helping newcomers make a career in Bollywood, we have seen the Dabangg Khan doing it all. And now, it’s Deepika Padukone, who has followed the Jai Ho actor’s footsteps, it seems.

Reportedly, Deepika’s personal bodyguard, Kartik Devghare, recently met with an accident due to which he fractured his leg. And the accident happened when he was not on duty. We hear that Kartik is recuperating at home and has not been able to report to work. When Dippy got to know about his accident, she decided to offer some help.

According to a source, “When Deepika was told about Devghare’s accident, she called up Ronit Roy as he owns the company that the bodyguard works for. She inquired about his health and even offered to help him out. She told Roy that she wants to take care of his expenses till he gets back to work.”

That’s not all. “Deepika wishes to help him in every possible way; she wants his treatment to go off smoothly,” the source added.

So, if you thought that it’s only Sallu who is a large-hearted person in B-town, then you were certainly wrong.



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