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Deepika reveals details about Ranveer and Ranbir

Deepika Padukone and actor Ranveer Singh are the most happening couple in Bollywood at the moment. Their on-screen chemistry is also a resounding success with the masses as well as their rumored love live. However, it is due to Deepika’s stellar exceptionally good looks and stellar acting skills which have led her to perform with the leading men of Bollywood time and again. Deepika has worked with almost all of Bollywood’s A-list actors, including her former boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika is filming Bajirao Mastani with Ranveer Singh and Tamasha with Ranbir Kapoor. Whilst giving an interview to a leading Indian website, Padukone divulged into details as to how both actors are different in their rehearsals.

Regarding Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika was of the view that he was more of an introvert and quiet actor. “Ranbir is an actor who internalizes. We do read a lot together but I never see the process before he gives the shot. He’s sitting quietly in one corner, we are chatting, then we give the shot and it’s done. I don’t know what he does in the time between when we are not together between our reading session and the shot,” said Padukone.

However, the actress admitted Ranveer Singh was more of an extrovert, who was expressive and quite active on the set, unlike Ranbir. “With Ranveer, I observe the process. He needs his music. He’s got the most amazing playlist in the world. He has it for every kind of mood he wants to get into. If he wants to get into an angry mood, then some angry songs will play. For a romantic mood, soft songs will play,” said Padukone. “And he subjects everyone to that music because he’s getting into that mood. Right from his van to the set, the music follows him everywhere. And he carries that energy. If he wants to feel sad then he goes into his solitary zone.”

Kudos to Padukone for keeping up with two entirely different and versatile actors!



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