Deepika starts new foundation to promote mental health!

Deepika Padukone has set up a new foundation to help people counter depression, a disease she herself suffered from at one point in time.

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Bollywood’s leggy lass is gearing up to help create awareness regarding mental health, something she herself struggled with in 2014. The Chennai Express superstar has reportedly set up a foundation by the name of ‘Live Long Laugh foundation’ in her crusade to curb depression and create awareness regarding health issues among people.

The actress has been working closely with a group of physicians and doctors in order to make the foundation a success. Despite Deepika’s hectic schedule and filming, she has been taking time off in order to focus more on the foundation. The date of March 21 was chosen to  establish the organization as one whole year ago on this day, she sought professional help.

Padukone herself suffered from depression and spoke about her ordeal in depth, two months ago. She revealed how she couldn’t get up in the morning one time because of her insecurities and depression. Strangely, her depression and anxieties peaked at the time she was on a roll with back-to-back hits like Chennai Express and Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani. This is how she described her mental condition during her depression:-

“It all started on February 15 last year, when I had won all my awards and was being appreciated for my work in 2013 and obviously everyone is going to think like ‘why is she depressed?’ But I woke up one morning just feeling empty.”

“I had this bouts of feeling so low that I would start crying at the drop of the hat. There were times I’d feel okay, and there were times I’d feel really low. Sometimes, being around people helped, sometimes it didn’t help.”

“There were times when I’d wake up and feel ‘it’s too exhausting’. And I didn’t want to wake up. There were days I just wanted to be in bed, just sleep; not wake up.”

Knowing how it feels to be depressed, Padukone has decided to take on depression and other mental health issues with her foundation. We wish her success in her noble endeavors.

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Deepika starts new foundation to promote mental health!

by Shahjahan Khurram