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WATCH: Deer crashes into a cellphone store

PENNSYLVANIA: Security cameras at a cellphone store captured the moment of a deer crashing through a storefront glass-window and running around inside before going back again.

Eric Schraud, the manager of the Boost Mobile store in West Scranton, said he was inside the store when the deer came crashing through the front window.

“I was working on the computer. Then I heard a loud crash, a lot of glass breakage and a lot of noise,” Schraud told WNEP-TV.

“The deer just kept running for that front door and was trying to smash out of that door. it would come back and run forward again, come back and run forward again, come back and run forward again. it did it at least four times right away I got on the phone, I started calling the police,” Schraud said.

Eventually, the poor deer was able to find his way out and left the store through the store’s other window.

The store’s manager said insurance was paying for the damage.



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