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Deer kills French hunter in ‘uncommon’ attack

PARIS: A 62-year-old man died while taking part in a hunt in the Paris area Monday after being charged by a deer that fatally gored him, police said.

The incident occurred around 10 am (0900 GMT) in the Compiegne national park, about 85 kilometres (53 miles) northeast of Paris.

The man was acting as a beater when he was struck. He “was charged and pierced by a deer which stabbed him with his antlers,” a police spokesman said.

The hunter, who was not carrying a rifle, died of internal bleeding before emergency services could arrive. Police said this type of death was “uncommon”.

In September, a deer attack was also reported from New York where a man says he was attacked by a rabid deer, and it nearly stabbed him in the eye with its antlers.

Thirty-four-year-old Tony Remillard, of Troy, was in his backyard when the 10-point buck jumped his fence and attacked him. The Albany Times-Union reports the encounter left Remillard with a black eye and a facial gash that required eight stitches to close.

Remillard says he’s grateful the blow from the deer’s antlers wasn’t higher, as it would have punctured his eye.

Remillard says he was able escape when a neighbor drove up. The deer also ran off and was later found dead by a state Department of Environment and Conservation officer.

File footage: Deer attacks biker




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