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Defence pleads indefinite adjournment of treason case

ISLAMABAD: The counsels of former president Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday pleaded to the special court for  adjournment of the treason case hearing for indefinite period, ARY News reports. 

The case being heard by a bench of three high court judges headed by Justice Faisal Arab of Sindh High Court. 

Defence lawyers today pleaded to the court for indefinite adjournment of the case in view of the threat.

Former president's defence counsels Sharifuddin Pirzada, Anwar Mansoor and Ahmed Raza Kasuri also presented threatening letters from the militants in the court and pleaded for indefinite adjournment of the case. 

Justice Faisal Arab said that the bench knows the circustances and threats, but the courts could not be locked down fearing threats. 

The bench adjourned the hearing till March 07, when the verdict with regard to Musharraf's petitions about the bias of judges and the constitution of the special court will be announced.



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