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Degradation of merit destroying Pakistan: Imran

He was addressing a convocation ceremony at Namal College in Mianwali. He regretted that we have a system where talented people are not discarded. Affluent people are only given chances here, while those with intelligent mind are written off completely, he added.

He said: “I am waging Jihad against oppression”. I want to wake up nation and stand them for their rights, he stressed.

“Politics is a mission, and education youth about politics is my passion.”

I am hopeful, Imran said, that an institution bigger than Oxford will be build in Mianwali.

The PTI chief asked students to never accept injustice and oppression. “There will be two ways in your struggle – easy and difficult one. Those who pick the easier path always end up in failure.

Imran said there was no dearth of people in Pakistan making money.

He stressed upon passing students “to never give up and pursue your dreams”.



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