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Indian university student comes at loggerheads with Hindu extremist party over Kashmir issue

She vowed to confront holding of a seminar by RSS, an extremist Hindu organization, over the issue of Kashmir in the university.

The audacious student vehemently questioned the justification of talking on Kashmir issue by the extremist groups, while Kashmiris themselves were not allowed to bespeak on this issue.

“When a Kashmiri speaks on the issue of Kashmir, his tongue is either chopped off or he is put in jail or killed in fake encounter. However, if anybody could speak about Kashmir it was RSS,” she taunted.


She said Indresh Kumar, who is accused of Samjhota Express blast, was invited to address the seminar to be held in the last week of August.

Shahla Rashid said the Hindu extremist groups were given free hand by the government of Narendra Modi.

She said police was creating chilling effects in the university campus to shut the mouths of students over Kashmir issue.

“I will like to tell them that neither we are afraid of your guns, nor your batons or jails,” she said.

She dared RSS to try to hold seminar in the university.

The firebrand student leader said the government companies, who are run on public taxes, were funding the seminar of extremist group.

This should be also noted that a few days ago the university students had held protest march against Indian forces’ atrocities in Kashmir.



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