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Democracy at danger from monarchy of Nawaz, says Imran

“Pakistani people are more democratic than Turkish people. The prime minister should not be in the state of illusion that he will be left without giving account of his offshore assets. We will come out on streets to protect democracy from monarchy,” he said while addressing a public gathering at Muzaffarabad.

He said it was unfortunate that rulers of our country start fulfilling their personal wishes after coming into power.

“Inflation and unemployment is on the rise in the country in Nawaz government,” he said.

Imran said Pakistani people had thanked former president general (r) Pervez Musharraf when he took over the government through military coup in 1999. They had even distributed sweets.

“We will form a free judicial commission which will also hold accountable Nawaz. We will give local govt powers. When budget will be devolved to lower level there will be not corruption,” he said.

The PTI chairman said he would not back off from investigation of Panama Leaks.



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