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Democracy in Pakistan is stable and secure: Maleeha Lodhi

According to details, Maleeha Lodhi said the following words during her address at a War College in the United States of America. She also said that a comprehensive operation was being launched against terrorists in Pakistan.

Lodhi also said that through an enhanced and comprehensive strategy, terrorists would be defeated. She also stated that the armed forces in Pakistan were part of the consensus which wanted democracy to flourish in the country.

“In Pakistan, the judiciary is independent, media is active and democratic institutions are strong,” she said.

Regarding the issue of India-Pakistan talks, Maleeha said Pakistan favoured negotiations with India to be more broad-based.

Maleeha Lodhi also spoke about the importance of Afghanistan for peace and security in Asia, stating that in order achieve stability in the region it was imperative to ensure a conflict-ridden Afghanistan.

She also stated that Pakistan was willing to play an important part in the Afghan reconciliation process. Among Pakistan’s priorities was also ensure that regional contacts flourished.



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