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Denied ambulance, family in India forced to carry body in rickshaw

UTTAR PRADESH: A dead body of a man was carried on a rickshaw in an Indian district of Uttar Pradesh after hospital authorities reportedly denied ambulance to the bereaved family.

According to Hindustan Times, a family in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh was forced to carry the body of a relative in a cycle-rickshaw after they were denied an ambulance on Sunday

The identity of the man is unknown and further details have not been disclosed.

The report added that the body was found on the railway track near Atra Station. When the Government Railway Police (GRP) tried to get an ambulance from nearby hospitals, no one came forward to help.

“After getting no response from any of the hospital, we advised the family to take the body for post mortem in a rickshaw,” GRP official, Sepak Diwakar Singh was quoted as saying by ANI.

With no help from hospitals, the bereaved family had to carry the body in an open rickshaw for postmortem, Zee News reported.

In May this year, a video footage of an Assam resident carrying the body of his three-year-old son on a two-wheeler from a government hospital near Bengaluru went viral. After receiving flak on social media, the body was taken back home decently in an ambulance.



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