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WATCH: Deranged man repeatedly assaults African woman during flight

LONDON: In an awfully scary moment for passengers in a flight, a white male from England vehemently throws punches at an African woman because she asked him to stop the racial abuse and insulting African people.

The man sitting right behind the African woman allegedly, in a Turkey-bound flight, uttered disgusting racial remarks against African community people, in a packed flight from England to Turkey.

The remarks were directed generally at the community however, their target was an African man who travelled next to the Londoner.

The woman stood up and called him out for his comments, ‘I am African – do not chat sh*t about my people’. To which the man lunges over the seats towards her, swinging a clenched fist.

It is, however, not very clear whether his punch landed on with the victim and hurt her in anyway or if it hit the chair in front.

This is the shocking moment a British man on a flight from London to Turkey throws a punch at an African woman.

Footage shows people shouting and swearing at each other before airline staff intervened.

People present in the flight claimed the woman in the footage was ‘defending a friend, who the man had racially abused’.

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They confirmed that the brawl broke out after the white male passenger allegedly racially abused another passenger sitting next to him.

The woman, not ready to concede the racial abuse on her people, stood up and reacted ‘I am African – do not chat sh*t about my people’.

When the aeroplane staff reached the front of the plane there was already a heated argument going on with passengers shouting and swearing at each other incessantly. The officials arbitrated to put off the argument and to take away the violent white Londoner to some other spot.



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