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This device turns your smartphone into a 3D printer

Life has evolved into a technological world as nanotechnology has reduced huge machines into handy tools.

3D printer in itself is a revolutionary technology, but OLO has revolutionized this further. OLO has introduced a kit to turn your smartphone into a 3D printer and that too for just 99$.

This is the first smartphone 3D printer. This is compatible with most of the android, iOS and Windows phones. All you need is to install its app.

OLO can build 1 cm design in around 46 minutes and 1 inch thick design in around 2 hours.

OLO made its debut in Oct 2015 and won the World Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award in New York.

OLO is a simple, cost-effective and light weight technology that can be used by anyone to make a print in 3D. This runs on AA batteries and its shock-proof, neoprene carrying case can easily fit in a bag. You can make different beautiful designs with this portable 3D printer.

OLO uses the light from your smartphone’s screen to print 3D objects. This device works with flatscreen smartphones of any size.

How to use:

  1. Select a model to print from the OLO App.
  2. Pour the resin of your choice into OLO and close the cover

Then let the OLO do the rest. It also works with standard STL files.



“OLO’s design keeps ambient light out of its build chamber so that the white light from your smartphone’s display can harden the photosensitive resin inside OLO’s build chamber to print your 3D model,” said an OLO statement.

OLO is compatible with a range of free 3D apps or a manual design created from a 3D software of your own choice.

Its daylight photopolymer resins are available in four materials and five colors, including a castable resin for creating molds for metals such as silver and gold.










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