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DHA’s ‘Rahim Mama’ among crystal meth dealers arrested in Karachi

KARACHI: Karachi police have arrested at least three drug peddlers involved in supplying crystal meth to a number of drug addicts during three separate raids in Karachi.

The highly dangerous drug, also known as “ice”, t is associated with serious health conditions, including memory loss, aggression, psychotic behavior and potential heart and brain damage.

The three raids conducted last month and shown on ARY News’ Zimmedar Kaun’s December 23 episode, saw arrest of three drug peddlers dealing in the drug in three separate raids conducted in Gulshan-e-Maymar, DHA and Hub Chowki areas of the city.

All three were selling and consuming the drug while the notorious drug lord Rahim Mama also pointed out a flat in DHA where he allowed people from affluent neighbourhoods of the area to consume crystal meth.

As Zimmedar Kaun team and police raided the flat, they caught two people, one girl and a boy, consuming ice while the flat owner was also taken into custody for allowing the illegal activity on his property.

Asif Brohi, the drug peddler, arrested from Maymar said that he buys meth from one “Lori para” area of Balochistan province and supplies it to addicts around the city and “retailers” in different colleges and universities.

The last raid was conducted to arrest a wholesaler of the drug and ARY News team had contacted one of his middlemen.

The middle man agreed to buy drugs from the “wholesaler” in order to sell it to the undercover agents of Zimmedar Kaun team and asked them to meet in a deserted place near Sindh-Balochistan border near Hub Chowki.

The middle man was arrested after he brought in meth from the wholesaler but the wholesaler managed to flee.

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