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Dia Mirza reveals why she chose to play a Pakistani in ‘Kaafir’

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza’s maiden web series premieres on Saturday. She opened up about playing the character of a Pakistani in Kaafir.

She plays the role of a Pakistani mother in it who comes to India due to unforeseen circumstances and cannot return to her home country.

Mirza shared the web series tries to address prejudices that are prevalent in society. She said “When people ask me, ‘Weren’t you afraid of playing a Pakistani character in the show?’ I say that I feel that our show is trying to question that fear and we are trying to remove that fear from people’s mind.”

The star feels fortunate to be a part of a show which talks about humanity and hopes people will appreciate her team’s effort. “There is a problem all over the world that we see people from unfortunate lenses which include lenses of culture, country and caste and I feel these are very unfortunate ways to view humanity.”

She added, “We shouldn’t be prejudiced against people because of religion, caste or place that they belong to. That is precisely what Kaafir addresses and I hope after watching this show, people will get their answers.”

The actress considers starring in the web series  ‘a life time opportunity’. It directed by Sonam Nair and written  by Bhavani Iyer.



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