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Did not Congratulate Altaf Hussain on his birthday: Sabzwari

Speaking exclusively to ARY News, the MQM leader maintained that he had, in the past, attended the party chief’s birthday party many times but this year no such party was organised and even did not wish Hussain on his birthday.

Sabzwari repeated that his party is no longer looking towards its London-based chief Altaf Hussain for guidance and the decisions taken by the party’s Pakistan chapter are ‘independent’.

As the show host Waseem Badami asked him about some MQM London leaders tweeting in favour of MQM Pakistan during the recent PS-127 by-polls, Sabzwari said one cannot stop London-based leaders to tweet in favour of MQM Pakistan.

About his party’s defeat in by-polls, he claimed that any other party would not have managed to get even 1500 votes under the circumstances and the hate MQM was facing after August 22.


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About MQM leadership’s alleged relations with Indian Intelligence Agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), he claimed that he is oblivious to any such information or evidence.

“If state institutions have such evidence, they should proceed forward,” said the MQM leader.



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