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Did Sidharth Malhotra accept Ali Zafar’s invite and come to Lahore?

We might never know for sure, but a couple of suggestive tweets between the two indicate as such. A couple of days ago Sidharth Malhotra and Ali Zafar had exchanged a couple of tweets. Ali Zafar had invited Sidharth Malhotra over to Lahore for some spicy food. Sidharth had tweeted a video of himself, running on the treadmill and saying he would coming running to accept Sidharth’s invite.

Most recently a tweet from both Sidharth Malhotra and Ali Zafar was suggestive that the two were in Lahore and had a splendid dinner together. Here is a tweet from Sidharth Malhotra in which he thanked Ali Zafar for a ‘Dawat’.


Did Sidharth Malhotra really come to Lahore and accept Ali Zafar’s invite?



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